A guide to making sure your motorhome is holiday-ready!

2020 has so far been the year of staying at home, as we all do our bit to contain COVID-19. This is set to be no different as the holiday season approaches, with restrictions on travel to many of our favourite holiday destinations.

The need to look closer to home for our holidays has seen a surge in the motorhome market. An Auto Trader survey found that 40% of their readership was planning a 2020 staycation, whilst used and new motorhome and campervan prices are seeing record increases.

If you’re lucky enough to already own a motorhome, now is the time to get it ready for the summer ahead. With the vehicle likely being stood for a good portion of the year, it’s essential to make sure it’s in top condition before taking it on your first road trip of the year.

If you’re new to the motorhome world, these tips will help you make the most of them for years to come…

De-winterise your motorhome

Even if you are fortunate enough to have sheltered storage for your motorhome, there is still work to be done before its first run.

Flushing the water system is essential, and if it has been outdoors the clear water will allow you to identify any frost damage to the system. Also, descaling and giving the interior a thorough clean will get your motorhome back to its best and feeling like a home from home.

Outdoor winter storage can present more problems such as corrosion to bodywork or parts, but it’s best to take it to a professional for a proper check of the components (see MOT section).

Get a motorhome service

Ideally, all vehicles will be serviced yearly to avoid any unwelcome surprises that arise from poor maintenance. This is even more important for motorhomes due to the sudden demand on the components when it comes to the holiday season.

Being a vehicle that is often sat idle for many months before being taken on far-flung adventures, motorhomes need regular oil and filter changes to make sure everything is working as it should. Missing a service can put undue strain on other components, which may lead to costly repairs and even untimely breakdowns.

Maintaining your service schedule is the most cost-effective way to keep your vehicle in good condition. Not only can you prolong the life of the vehicle, a full service history can do wonders for the resale value.

motorhome mot preston

A Fiat Ducato motorhome gets its MOT at OTRA

MOT your motorhome (despite the extension!)

An MOT is much more than a legal requirement. This yearly check allows your garage to inform you of potential problems and safety issues before they get worse.

Aspects such as worn tyres, brake issues or rusted components are best rectified as early as possible. Your MOT will identify these and allow you to act before any dangerous defects get any worse.

Also, not everyone can keep their motorhome in sheltered storage over the winter, which means the vehicle is highly susceptible to bodywork and component degradation. Identifying a problem early can save you in the long run.

If you do wish to use your MOT extension, we also offer vehicle health checks for peace of mind. This includes most of the checks covered by the MOT but without the immediate obligation of repairs should the vehicle fail.

Remember, you can be fined even with a valid MOT certificate if your vehicle is deemed unroadworthy, so the extension doesn’t mean you can neglect vehicle maintenance.

Thoroughly check the interior and air the vehicle out

Even if your motorhome has been stored indoors, you should always thoroughly air out your vehicle and check for any signs of damp or mildew.

This is even more important if you are unable to shelter an idle motorhome from the elements, as the vastly varying environments through the seasons can be problematic.

Whilst regular cleans should suffice and keep your vehicle feeling like the home it should, be aware that your motorhome may also be attractive to insects or mice. It’s important to spot signs of this early to keep disruption to your plans at a minimum.

Get an LPG inspection

Recommended yearly, a professional LPG inspection tests your motorhomes gas appliances to ensure their safety.

This will provide peace of mind for your holidays ahead and ensure the efficiency of your gas appliances.

After idle months, giving your motorhome the checks and services it needs helps to extend its life and gives you peace of mind as you holiday. For any further advice on vehicle checks, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01772 337023 or visit the garage on Walton Summit in Bamber Bridge, Preston.
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